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Skeletons Come to Life in My Closet

I found out what it takes to be a man

Skeletons Come to Life In My Closet!
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This is i_can_go_deep, the community I started cause I want one of my own. We're here to talk about everything...music, fashion, slash fiction, you name it. One rule of the community is that you have to share a personal sex story for your first post. This is a 100% freedom of speech community, so if you have something to say, then say it. If you are easily offended by deroragtory language, sexual or racial comments, and swearing, then please don't join. LJ cuts for posts would be nice but are only required for large pictures or posts over 500 words. Thank you and enjoy the wild ride!
Two more rules: NO SPAMMING [one post about you new community or whatnot is alright] and if you feel the need to argue with someone, please start a thread. Love and kisses!
a perfect circle, all things queer, american history x, apple juice, aqua teen hunger force, art, baby names, baxter kid disaster, being scared, billie joe armstrong, billy corgan, birds, bisexual, blogging, boy george, boys, boys in eyeliner, boys in makeup, broken windows, burning cds, chevy impala, chicks, chinese food, colored lights, colors, computer graphics, cookie monster, cooking, crying, darkrooms, decorating my house, deftones, defunct amusement parks, dk's skate park, doing laundry, drawing, drawing on your walls, dream symbols, dreams, dressing myself, dudes, editing photos, elton john, emo, expensive taste, eye makeup, fag hag, fanfic, feather boas, feeling, flaw, foreknown, freaking out, french, fussing with photos, ghost world, girls, gore, green day, green day slash, guys in drag, hardcore, hats, healing, hearing, him, jewelry, journaling, journals, kingston green, kissing, kokomo, laughing, lipstick, ludacris, makeup, making out, mcdonalds, mike dirnt, monte carlo, mortavi, movie theaters, muppets, music, my best friends!, my chemical romance, naptown, negatives, not being ingnored, old yearbooks, pain, paint, painting, paper, photo editing, pickles, poetry, pretty boys, pro-life, punk, queers, quizzes, r&b, rainbows, rap, reading letters, republicrat, rhiannon, ribbons, roller skating, ruby slippers, saying, scene whore, screamo, sexy fabrics, shopping, sideways, skater boys, slash fiction, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smelling things, spectacles, splicing film, stars, stickers, strangers with candy, sucking on fingers, swimming, taking really crappy photos, talking, tasting, techno, things around my neck, third eye blind, touching, trainspotting, trance, trap music, trevor, tré cool, twink porn, twinks, vanilla ice cream, vast, wal-mart, ween, writing, www.fandomination.net, zebra stripes